Phonic Chat at Web Summit Lisbon 2017

Web Summit, exhibition day

The most exciting time at this huge IT event was the exhibition day for us when we got the chance to show our demo of the Phonic Chat App to the visitors. It was amazing that we got 150-200 visitors who were interested in the App. For the whole day we were busy with having our visitors test the App. We set up a cool environment for testing, hung up headphones to our exhibiting stand to make ourselves visible. The App’s interface got a very good feedback and everyone was excited about the idea of the upcoming downloadable version of the Phonic Chat Player. As a very pleasant surpise the visitors came mostly from the different sectors of the music industry. We have all of the contact of these 150-200 people who reviewed our demo. It was a very successful day!

Web Summit, Pitch day

Looking back of this experience it is a very useful memory of our visit to the Web Summit. On the second day of the event we were signed up for pitching. We were running a bit late in the second morning. Sitting in the traffic jam we were still not sure about who would pitch. Dénes and me had not been on the same side about this all along the preparation process for the Web Summit. It turned out that this pitch section happened to be a very serious one, with respected judges and strict rules and of course very experienced pitchers. I paniced when I saw the pulpit, the fancy stage and the whole situation. Dénes told me to do the pitch and I was absolutely out of it. I went on the side and started practicing some sentences that I improvised. It was my turn and I could not even form the English words with my mouth. I got stuck with the slides of the presentation and I got stuck with my speech also. It was so embarrassing to stand there not being able to give my best because of the lack of preparation. I promised myself to put together a pitch that reaches the level of the whole project. I think that our latest pitch contest, that we attended turned out very well because of this experience in Lisbon. - Check out the summary of the pitch contest here:

Web Summit, last day - Wyclef, Bob Moz from Techstars Music:

The last day of the Web Summit was a little lighter for us but we still had a very important meeting with the head of Techstars’ Music accelerator program, Bob Moczydlowsky. He held a section, kind of a mentoring hour for those who were interested in opportunities at Techstars Music and also in the music industry in general. We attended his section and I arranged a short meeting with him afterward. He was very edgy, very fast, very smart, and somehow very down to earth. He spent 10 minutes with us, which was a long conversation for an elevator pitch. :) He advised us how to find our goal and also reflected on the APP that he tried out! He gave us a clue about what the Techstars team is looking for, and we defined our goal after this chat with Bob. On the top of this great chance to meet Bob Moz I managed to give our business card to Wyclef, the star musician of the event or at least one of his casts. :) We will never find this out. :)

We stayed at the beach, enjoyed the beautiful November weather of Lisbon, and visited the coast by Cabo da Roca. We climbed down the cliffs to reach Praia da Ursa, a tiny, beautiful, hidden bay, that you can access only by foot. Cabo da Roca is the most western point of Europe and to reach that with the Phonic Chat project is symbolic for us. With Phonic Chat we started a project that aims to represent our beloved region of Lake Velence. We made a live stream to show the people of our region, how far we got with this idea.

The venue of this conference, the Lisbon region is a very encouraging landscape with the river, the ocean, it’s bridges and salty, fresh air. As the coast reaches the ocean, you stand there and feel the possibility of sailing to the other coast. You look at the seemingly endless, blue water that melts into the air’s blueness but you also sense the challenge that out there is another land to explore.

Phonic Chat’s future plans are also connected with this experience of Lisbon’s nature. As a result of the Web Summit we have a clear goal ahead of us to reach. To finish the development of the first downloadable version of the Phonic Chat player and get 100.000 users to use the App by the end of 2018. We aim to get into Techstars Music’s accelerator program in Los Angeles next spring.

It was also a chance to spend some time together as a team and a good experience of how we get along when we spend a week together day and night. We set on a plane where there is no space for your feet for more than four hours :). We had to improvise at the car hire desk to get a car for a normal price. We challenged ourselves not to live near the venue of the Web Summit, so we had to find our accomodation after arrival driving through the whole area at night. Still we had a very good diner right before closing when we reached the shore of the ocean where we stayed. We got lost many times on the way to the venue and also in the parking lot.

Food was o.k., but the best meals were made in the kitchen by Gergő. It has been a long time for both of us, Dénes and me without kids. As days went by, Gergő got more and more presents for his girlfriend.:) It was fascinating to be there at this huge event and sense the size of the IT world and the related start up businesses. We cooked, went out to eat, went to Night Summit to party, watched the waves of the ocean, and worked a lot during these 7 days. We will go back next year. We want to be BETA this time. It will mean that we achieved our goals.

Watch our video to get the sense of the Web Summit experience.

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