Phonic Chat About

Phonic Chat is a platform and App for multidimensional social music
production that involves musicians and listeners into the process.
Mission statement: Music is an experience, not only a product


Who likes to listen to music?

Actually we identify ourselves by the music that we like to listen to. - but listening is a passive act Imagine, how fun it would be to get involved in the process of music making, even if you do not play any instrument. This is an active participation.

Our team got excited and established a co-working space where we started working on musical projects. Now we are working for the participants of the music industry (musicians, producers, bands) by developing and managing their online presence. Doing that we started our own musical project and the idea of Phonic Chat developed during this actual process of recording.

Phonic Chat is a multidimensional social music making App and Platform. Playing with Phonic Chat is an active experience. And music becomes a message by sharing. Identification of oneself becomes possible by sharing your individual version of your favorite song. We don't consider music as a product we provide a musical experience to our users.

In our perspective music is a multidimensional phenomenon, that consists of several source of information that can be shown by IT tools while music is constructed and played. Multidimensional data loaded into the tracks has huge potential in the sales process.

Our Team

We are dedicated experts from several aspects of the topic but with common interest of music

Dénes Poór

CEO, co-founder, leading developer - full stack web developer, musician, composer, startupper

Kinga Tamás PhD

COO, co-founder, management and communication - hobby guitar player, writer

Gergő Máté

UI/UX, co-founder visual artist, computer graphic designer, DJ


11 December, 2019 [TV show]

Forint, fillér interview

We got an award at the Startups Night 2109 organized by Budapest Enterprise Agency. We shared the first place with Bandmap project at the 10th Be Smart Startup Competition and the 2019. Startup Europe Music Awards Hungary. We are grateful for winning.

Budapest, 28 November, 2019

Music Startups’ 2019

The future of music - music of the future. The Music Startups’ Afternoon - the side event of Startups Night 2019.
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Május 11, 2019 [TV show]

Phonic Chat Novum

The TV show about IT innovations, Novum shooted at our studio. They introduced our startup and got a glimpse about our recording with Doubled Bass Project and Gréta Nagy. We thank Attila Ignácz for the sound and Adrienn Pethes, who was here from Ütős Festival Team

Budapest, April, 2019 [publication]

Budapest - Home of Innovation

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Budapest Enterprise Agency
Innovative SME development and non-profit microfinancing. Phonic Chat is listed among the best practices of startups at Budapest Enterprise Agency’s publication. BEA is working on improving the startup and innovation ecosystem in Budapest and offers international networking possibilities to startups.

Marc 24, 2019 [workshop]

Doing business in the U.S., Hungary and Slovakia

Many thanks to Budapest Enterprise Agency to invite us for the "Doing business in the U.S., Hungary and Slovakia" workshop of John E. Parkerson, the honorary Hungarian Consul of Georgia. We got to know a lot about entering the US market and had the chance to introduce our startup.

Budapest, Febr 19-20, 2019

DEX Songwriting Expo

The DEX, the Songwriting Expo of Hungary invited us to exhibit Phonic Chat. We had special guests, László Kiss G. jazz-bass artist and Kriszta Virág marketing expert at our stand and got a lot of musicians to register to our platform.

Pécs, Jan 6, 2019

Made in Pecs

Budapest, November 27, 2018

Startupok Éjszakája
Budapest, November 24, 2018

Magyar Producer Workshop

Networking with MPW with the Hungarian producer community at 3rd MPW workshop organised by Bánkuti Dani

Budapest, November 22, 2018

Szent György Média és Informatikai Szakgimnázium

We would like to thank today’s recording to Szent György Média és Informatikai Szakgimnázium and its helpful and skilled students, Ákos Hencz and Oca Grábics for making the sound recording possible. We are grateful to the Souls Musical Ensemble - Orsolya Bernáth, Lisa Romain, Levente Fülöp, Piroska Molnár for their outstanding performance.

Budapest, Szeptember 11, 2018

Pitch@Palace Hungary 1.0

The Phonic Chat Team is grateful to the The Duke of York, his team and Design Terminal for the once in a lifetime-experience of #pitchatpalace Hungary. We were granted a lot of help, experience and connections that makes us go forward on our journey.

BMC, Oct 10, 2018

Útkeresés a zeneiparban – élményközpontú, multidimenzionális közösségi zenéléssel
Eger, Május 31 - Junius 1, 2018

Music Hungary Conference

Networking at MUSIC Hungary konferencia (Music Hungary Conference) 2018, Eger, Bolyki Pincészet és Szőlőbirtok (Bolyki Cellar)

Dublin, Május 31, 2018

Future Scope

Máté Gergő will represent Phonic Chat in Dublin from 30 May to 1 June 2018. Visitors can try the demo of our social and multidimensional musical application at 31 May at Future Scope 2018. If you will be in Dublin just look for Gergo, put on the headphone and try the new music experience.

Bálna - Budapest, Március 9, 2018

Budapest Enterprise Agency (BVK) & Phonic Chat pitch.

Budapest nő conference - Kinga Tamás received a certificate of merit from the Budapest Enterprise Agency/Budapesti Vállalkozásfejlesztési Közalapítvány (BVK) for her Phonic Chat pitch.

Lisbon, November 6-9, 2017

Websummit 2017

The most exciting time at this huge IT event was the exhibition day for us when we got the chance to show our demo of the Phonic Chat App to the visitors.

Kossuth Rádió, Oct 14, 2017

Phonic Chat intejú a Kossuth Rádió Közelről című műsorában
FEOL, Oct 7, 2017

Online közösségi zenélés – gárdonyi fejlesztéssel, Sept 25, 2017

Phonic Chat Zenei Startup – Interjú Poór Dénessel