Julia Tchira

Violin (ARG)

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Born in Argentina, she is a violinist, composer and sound ecologist based in Buenos Aires.
Graduated as a licentiate in “Composition with Electroacoustic Media” from the National University of Quilmes (UNQ), Province of Buenos Aires.
As a violinist, she has participated in many musical and theatrical shows in Argentina as well as in Mexico and Canada.
She recently participated as a performer in the play ¨A man in a room, gambling” at the Experimentation Center of the Teatro Colón (CETC), in November 2019.
As a composer, her search is linked to Sound Ecology and the use of bird songs in her musical works.
Promoter from teaching to the exercise of conscious listening, both in classrooms and outside of them. She organizes ¨Soundwalks” which consist of grupal outdoors walkings, where through exercises the focus is placed on listening and sound.