Gene Pritsker

electric guitar (USA)

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Composer Gene Pritsker has written over seven hundred compositions, including chamber operas, orchestral and chamber works, electro-acoustic music and songs for hip-hop and rock ensembles. His compositions employ an eclectic spectrum of styles, that are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures.
He is the founder and leader of Sound Liberation, an eclectic hip hop-chamber-jazz-rock-etc. ensemble. He also Co-Directs Composers Concordance. Gene's music is performed all over the world at internationally recognized festivals and by highly respected ensembles and performers.
My music is extremely eclectic, from orchestral music to chamber music to hip-hop, rock, opera, electronic to incorporating my studies of various world cultures. Music has no bounds - I view the world of music as one big genre. My motto for my art is “ending the segregation of sound vibration”
Gene is also a guitarist/rapper/Di.J./ and producer and incorporates each of these musical attributes to create music that is “not designed for easy listening or to melt into the background. It is insistent. It demands attention and curiosity."
- New York Newsday.