Ilia Rayskin

drums (NLD)

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Ilia Rayskin, winner of the Downbeat student music award for “Small Jazz Combo” 2020 (as part of the Identities Project), was born in Amsterdam into the family a musician’s family.

Ilia was exposed to music from an early age: whether chamber music rehearsals or LP and CD recordings playing in the living room with repertoire spanning from Bach and Brahms to The Police.
At the age of six Ilia started taking violin lessons and after moving to Germany with his family, he switched to drums, studying with Dominik Wimmer and started performing with local bands and theatre productions at the age of fifteen.
Back in Amsterdam at the age of eighteen, started studying at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where he is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in jazz drums. He has studied with a plethora of influential drummers such as Ari Hoenig, Jonas Burgwinkel, Martijn Vink.
Now, at the age of twenty one, Ilia is one of the busiest and sought after drummers in Amsterdam and has had an opportunity to work and perform regularly with some of the most respected musicians of the European jazz scene such as Eran Har Even, Jesse van Ruller, Itai Weissman, Reinier Baas, Ben van Gelder, Gideon Tazelaar, Clemens van der Veen, Joris Roelofs, Rob van Bavel and Karel Boehlee among others.

As a musician and person Ilia continuously strives to develop and learn. He takes influence from a very broad scope of musical styles including classical music, jazz, improvised/avant-garde and rock. His versatility across genres is a core characteristic of his unique voice. Ilia is eager to explore things out of his comfort zone and is always looking for new sources of inspiration. He is currently leading and co-leading countless projects like Ilia Rayskin Trio, Hybrid Music, Fabien Vuattoux Trio, #isolatedbeats, Eran Har Even Trio, Novi Orchestra, Martin Diaz Quintet (Identities Project) and many more.