Hans-Peter Gasselseder

Composition / Piano (AUT)

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Hans-Peter Gasselseder (Mag. rer. nat., Dipl.-Psy.) has studied and taught Psychology, Communication Science and Musicology/Dance Science at the University of Salzburg (Austria) and at Aalborg University (Denmark). Gasselseder works as a research assistant, tutor and lecturer in Salzburg and Aalborg (Communication and Psychology) and gives regular guest lectures at Aarhus University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and St. Pölten University of the Applied Sciences. His published work focuses on the cognitive psychology of immersive experience and situational context, but also includes contributions to media production, such as the implementation and effects of nonlinear music and sound in film and video games, virtual orchestration as well as stage-of-the-art ambisonics and six-degrees-of-freedom recording methods for virtual reality. Further research topics at the crossroads of psychology and human-computer interaction include agency theory, sound perception, situational trait models as well as applications of augmented reality for performer interaction. Gasselseder is also active as a composer for film, games, and advertising. Currently he is preparing his PhD thesis “Re-Dramatizing the Game Orchestra” at Aalborg University.