Fabio Cifariello Ciardi (1960) is a composer interested in using sound and technology to mine real-word phenomena. Since 2006 he has been interested in the instrumental transcription of speech. He studied with Tristan Murail, Philippe Manoury (IRCAM), Franco Donatoni (Accademia S.Cecilia). His compositions have been awarded at competitions like L. Russolo 1992, ICMC 1993 CD-selection, IMEB-Bourges 1998, Valentino Bucchi 1999, AITS “Best sound in Italian motion pictures 2011” (Rome, Italy). His works are commissioned by festivals, foundations and ensembles like Venice Biennale, Orchestra Haydn di Trento e Bolzano, Divertimento Ensemble - Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, Instituts für Neue Musik Friburg, Singapore University, Stockholm Electronic Music Studio, IMEB Bourges, among others.
In 2006 has produced the Piroschka Dossi's and Nico Weber's documentary "Contre-attaque - Quand l'Art prend l'économie pour Cible: La Spéculation/ Gegenangriff - Wirtschaft im Fadenkreuz der Kunst: Spekulation" about Cifariello Ciardi's sonifications of stock market data.
His music is published and recorded by Raicom, Curci, ICMA, CNI-LaFrontiera, Unesco CIME- Cultures Electroniques (Bourges, France), Mudima - Cramps Records, SiltaClassic, Edipan.
He has developed software algorithms for dissonance calculation, sound spatialization, financial data sonification, speech instrumental transcription, and several computer-aided composition tools.
Cifariello Ciardi is a tenure professor of Composition at Trento Conservatory ( and he is one of the founding members of Edison Studio (