Enrico Gabrielli (1976)
He studies clarinet and composition at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di
He studies clarinet with Antony Pay, Richard Stoltzman, Ciro Scarponi and
composition with Danilo Lorenzini, Salvatore Sciarrino and Alessandro Solbiati.
He played a lots of contemporary music and premieres of several young
composers (Botter, Grotzinger, Casale, Carcano, Torres, Belcastro, Buccino and
many moore) with Ensemble Risognanze, European Music Project Ulm, Sonata
Islands, TIMET meta-composing research laboratory, LaRis.
Between the 1999 and 2002 his music had premiere in Arena di Verona, Milano
Classica, Fontana Mix in Bologna, Filmharmony Orchestra Wroclav.
From 2002 he leaves the accademical contemporary music and enjoy in several
italian band of alternative rock and underground culture (Mariposa, Calibro 35,
The Winstons).
In particulary, Calibro 35 is a crime-funk band that played in several international
festival and radio shows (SBSW in Austin, KCWR in Los Angeles, Nublu Jazz
Fest San Paolo, Nublu Jaz Fest Istanbul, opening Muse "The Resistence" tour,
Holy Groove Fest Lousanne, "The Craig Charles funk and soul show" on BBC in
Manchester, Cinema Nova in Bruxelles, 100's club in London, opening act of
Sharon Jones and Dubkings...) and sample are used by hip-hop legendary
producer Dr. Dre and the famous mc Jay-Z.
EG is one of the most popular orchestral and ensemble arranger in Italy and he
have made important collaborations with Mike Patton (from Faith No More),
Muse, Damo Suzuki (ex-Can), John Parish, Daniel Johnston, Steve Wynn (exDream Syndicate), Daevid Allen (Gong), Vinicio Capossela, Morgan, Dente,
Baustelle, Afterhours, Nada Malanima, Daniele Silvestri, Haldous Harding and he
have release about 200 studio albums in 15 years.
Is in Mike Patton's "Mondo Cane" band, a project around the italian '60
With John Parish, Mick Harvey, Alain Johannes and many other musicians, is a
permanent member of the PJ Harvey's "The Hope Six Demolition Project" band
and he had recording the album at Somerset House (London) in january 2015
with the Grammy Awards producer Mark "Flood" Ellis.
THSDP is actually in worldwide tour until 2018.
"UPm - Unità di produzione Musicale" is a documentary about a social
experiment with 72 musicians that made music in a factory with the same rules
of an assembly line. EG is author with the photographer Sergio Giusti and the
directors team Enece Film. The premiere was at Biografilm Festival 2015 and InEdit 2015 Barcellona.
With the project Der Maurer and the ensemble Esecutori di Metallo su Carta
makes contemporary music in non-orthodox and extreme locations like
installations and rock venue.
With the musician Sebastiano De Gennaro and the musicologist Francesco
Fusaro founded the 19'40'' ( a subscription-based recording
series about release of (anti)classical and contemporary album: the first release
"Esecutori di Metallo su Carta: Progetto Generativo" was transcriptions for
ensemble of massive italian instrumental band like Zu, Zeus!, Morkobot,
Hobocombo and many more.
In spring 2017 it will be published the first book of short sci-fi and unexpected
novels. His blog as a writer (and not musician) is
He play clarinets, flutes, saxophones, percussions and keyboards.