Music Startups’ 2019

The future of music - music of the future

The Music Startups’ Afternoon - the side event of Startups Night 2019


13:30Opening speech of the Startups’ Afternoon at the event area, café space of Bölcs Vár
13:45Music Startups Afternoon - opening speech
14:00Pitches of the music startups
14:30Round-table discussion among music industry professionals

The Music startups’ Afternoon will be held on the 28th of November from 1 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. at Bölcs Vár in the Castle of Buda

The Startups’ Afternoon 2019 is the side event of Startups Night 2019 organized by Budapest Enterprise Agency and startupers of four different fields of innovation: App development, E-Health/MedTech, FinTech and Music. The topic of the Music Startups’ Afternoon is The future of music - music of the future. Six Hungarian developments around music will have the chance to introduce themselves and a round-table talk will take place among professionals of the music industry. The Startups’ Afternoon 2019 and the Startups Night 2019 is organised with the help of the capital city Budapest, The National Research Development and Innovation Office, The Pallas Athene Foundations and the HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency.

Today digital surface is home of communication, content-production and optimization, management and music distribution, the concert ticket-selling and many more fields that can help music industry professionals and musicians.

With organising Music Startups’ Afternoon 2019 we set the goal to give opportunity to the developments related to music industry to showcase their projects. The visitors can get information about the developments and meet with the developers. Visitors can also attend the round-table conversation by professionals of music industry, startupers and venture capital about the connection between music industry and innovation and about the opportunity of financing these projects.

Music Startups



The Bandmap is an online music industry network, that helps musicians, bands and concert venues to connect with each other and offers a platform to music services for professional cooperation.



Musicators’ crew consists of teachers who have a call for digital education. We have the goal to make the work for music teachers easier, while we want to make the music learning more attractive for students. With the use of our App it is possible to set up interactive tasks for music students in a few minutes.



Banding helps bands to connect each other to find a way to music industry. Their goal is to and half-house concerts and stuck music carriers. “Find bands that you didn’t know before. Set up gigs, support each other on your best ones. Introduce each other to your bookers, managers, your movers and shakers. Connections matter most.”



Playsic is a social jukebox application based on real locations. Every Playsic user can request songs, generate check-ins in social places.



ReverseTicket makes ticketing fair for everyone. We use an innovative dynamic pricing method, to increase revenues and customer satisfaction at the same time, while greatly reducing scalping.

Phonic Chat


Phonic Chat is a multidimensional social music making Platform and App. Making music is a social experience in our point of view. Music is not a product but an artistic process. The platform deals with the copyrights and performer’s rights with respect towards musicians and artists and allows online social music making.



Our application creates a digital bidirectional bridge between the parties so not only organisations can inform the public about upcoming events, but also the public can digitally and immediately flag their need for an event.

Round-table discussion

This conversation among music industry professionals follows the first music startups meet-up of Made in Pitch in Pécs in January 2019. The startups that work with cultural issues such as music making and distribution contribute their innovation and also represent cultural value online. We created this event because we strongly believe that encouraging cooperation and communication among industrial parties and music startups gives the new developments the chance to be introduced, networking and also brings them closer to find financing for their projects. The wide publicity and media attention of the Startups Night 2019 gives a good frame for the event.

Invited music industry professionals
  • Gold Record
  • Barbara Schoblocher (from Blahalouisiana band)
  • Natália Oszkó-Jakab (“Művészetek Völgye” (Art Valley) Festival)
  • Enikő Sebestény-Gallasz (WMMusicDistribution)
  • Kiss Ákos (INPUT program)
  • Bence Töreky (OXO Labs)
  • Hiventures
  • Artisjus
  • “Hangfoglaló” Program Office
  • Szent György Grammar School of Communication and information technology
  • Lala Lányi (Analog Music Hall)
  • György Bokor (Association of Hungarian Music and Art Schools)
  • National Association of Instrumentalists



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Kinga Tamás (Phonic Chat)

Miklós Kovács (Givent)

Dénes Poór (Phonic Chat)